Water Department

Trinidad maintains a public water system for residents, businesses, and public users within the City limits and for many customers adjacent to the City.  The Water Treatment facility runs continually to provide water that meets state and federal standards at a reasonable cost to its customers.  The water distribution system is older in many areas, but the staff works cooperatively to assure that any leaks are detected and repaired as quickly as possible.  This includes periodic meter testing for residents as needed.

The system also includes two water tanks that help to control pressure, provide a sack-up supply in periods of high demand, and meet the fire flow requirements when emergencies arise.

There is a limited demand for new water connections due to the small amount of urban growth that is experienced in the City on an annual basis.  At this time, no additional connections are permitted outside of the City limits.

Water rates are set in a manner to meet the ongoing operational costs, retire any debts that the system experiences, and to provide an ongoing reasonable reserve fund for emergencies and system improvements.

The Director of the City’s Water Department is Bryan Buckman.   He has been with the City since May, 1999.  He can be reached at (707) 677-3862 or by email at bbuckman@trinidad.ca.gov