Public Works Department

The primary function of the Public Works Department is to maintain the public streets and roads within the City limits.  This is done as efficiently as possible in consideration of safety needs and a limited budget.  Major improvements to the City streets system usually relies on State or federal grant opportunities.  The Department also maintains the publicly owned grounds and buildings with a full and part-time staff.  Public grounds include the local trails system, much of Trinidad Head, lands at the waterfront, and incidental small properties throughout the City.

In late 2008, the City Council adopted an Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems ordinance.  This ordinance, while not yet implemented, will establish a septic system maintenance program for property owners in the City.  Septic systems exist throughout the City because there is no central sewage collection or treatment system.

The first City Park is planned to be constructed at the site of the Trinidad Cultural Center.  “Saunders Park” will be adjacent to the new Trinidad Museum and the new Trinidad Library, and it will be maintained by the Public Works Department.

Any complaints or specific requests for services related to the functions of the Public Works Department should be directed through the City Clerk at (707) 677-0223.

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