Planning Commission Volunteers Needed

The City of Trinidad is currently seeking qualified individuals to serve as volunteers on the 5-member Planning Commission.  There are (3) openings for 4-year terms serving through December 2022, and (1) opening for the remaining term expiring in December 2020 that was left vacant by a recent resignation.  Of the 4 positions open, the Council may choose to select (1) applicant from the "Greater Trinidad Area", but the other (3) selected must reside within the city limits.  Experience or an understanding of development or planning-related concepts relevant to the City of Trinidad is preferred but not required.  Commission applicants are appointed by the City Council during open session and attendance is requested for the selection meeting.  Please submit a letter of interest that includes your contact info, connection to the city or Greater Trinidad Area, reasons for wanting to serve, and any relevant experience you may have in Planning related matters.  The deadline for filing is November 07, 2018, but will remain open until filled.